Software to help you lend things.

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Loans and reservations

Charge check-out fees, daily fees, see what’s out on loan at the moment, when loans are due back, which loans are overdue … and more

Create reservations (for items that are currently in stock) to prevent others from checking them out. The Lend Engine is not a booking system however; you can’t create future reservations between certain dates.

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Members and memberships

Keep a record of all your current and past members, what they have borrowed, how much they have paid, and any other notes you might have. Custom fields allow you to store extra details which can be used in your reporting too.

Multiple membership levels with different prices and durations allow you to see which members are active, who is due to be renewed soon, and which membership scheme is most (or least!) popular.

Online item database

Your items are the lifeblood of your lending organisation. Record all your item information online where it can be accessed by any of your team members, at any time.

Upload photos and add custom fields to store everything there is to know about your products.

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Stock control / inventory management

Accurate management of stock levels as you move items around, loan them to members, send for repair … with detailed item history updated automatically.

Set up locations so that you know where your items are at all times. Locations can be set as "unavailable", which lets you keep items in stock, but they can't be added to loans. Useful for putting items on hold, perhaps for repair or cleaning. Each time you move items between locations, you can add notes; which can be pulled up later to see a full history of the item..

Payments and fees

Charge a per-loan fee, a per-item fee, a per-day fee, or any combination. All fees and payments are added to the member's record, so you have a full record of the transaction history. Members can pay for loans at time of check-out using payment methods you set up, or you can allocate the fees to their account.

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Access anywhere

The Lend Engine is web based, which means you and your team can access everything just using a web browser, anywhere, any time, on any device. Work from a phone, a tablet or a computer (but you'll get the most features when you're using a larger screen).

Share with your team

Use the Lend Engine to track loan history; from first reservation to checking back in. Share updates with your colleagues by adding notes. The system logs important actions automatically. It's easy to pick up where someone else left off.


Let Lend Engine do the work for you! Emails and text messages can be sent automatically when loans are checked out, when they go overdue, when you delay the return date, when memberships are up for renewal, and more.

Latest borrows from Lend Engine libraries ...

March 23 : Michele borrowed "Line Trimmer (GMC) Electric" from Share Shed

March 23 : Michele borrowed "Extension Cord - 20m" from Share Shed

March 23 : Norah borrowed "High Reaching Secateurs with Pulley - Orange" from Share Shed

March 22 : Amiria borrowed "Yellow Balance Bike" from Turangi Toy Library

March 22 : Helen borrowed "Grocery And Lemonade Store" from Whangaparaoa Toy Library

March 22 : Keaton borrowed "Baby Bouncer and Activity Centre" from Whangaparaoa Toy Library