Software for Lending Libraries

Tools or toys, cameras, bikes ... lend anything.
Manage inventory, members, payments and loans.

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Manage items

An online database to store all your item information. Custom fields, multiple images, multiple item locations and more...

Manage members

Record information about your members, their memberships, payments and fees. Use custom fields to store additional data. See detailed member history.

Track loans & reservations

Check in, check out, reserve items, send overdue reminders and more. Add custom fields to track extra information and bring your reports to life.

Produce reports

Gain insight into your lending organisation like you've never had before with a selection of flexible reports.

Fully configurable

Set up the system just as you need it with unlimited item locations, multiple staff members, and custom fields.

Everything in one place

Store everything there is to know about an item in your online database. The Lend Engine will also automatically record item history.

Latest borrows from Lend Engine libraries ...

February 18 : Erla borrowed "Curiscope - Stuttermabolurinn sem opnar hjarta þitt" from Bunadarbanki Grunnskolanna

February 18 : Emil borrowed "Tripod - Sirui Medium #2" from Tvibit

February 18 : Emil borrowed "Film/photo camera - Lumix G7 #3" from Tvibit

February 18 : Malin borrowed "Dragspel Igelkott" from Majornas Samverkansförening

February 18 : Terje borrowed "Lights - Litepanels LED kit" from Tvibit

February 18 : Eric borrowed "Mysterium" from VA Games