Features » Event and workshop booking for lending libraries and rental companies

Event and workshop listings / booking

Manage event bookings and attendance in the same platform as your members, loans and memberships. Great for workshops, meetings, repair caf├ęs or any other kind of event.

Web based calendar

Your member site comes with a built in events calendar; events can tie in with your regular site opening hours so you can manage everything in one system. Allow pick up and drop off of items at events, too.

Online event booking

If you choose, you can allow people to book places on your events. You can take payment by credit/debit card too, if your event has a cost.

Latest borrows from Lend Engine libraries ...

March 6 : Remy borrowed "Hanababy stretchy - khaki - shorty" from South Essex Slings

March 6 : Sara borrowed "High chair" from Shepshed Toy Library

March 6 : Darren borrowed "49588403248A - Camera Target BT-50 (TF)" from Mazda Loan Tool Program

March 6 : Stephen borrowed "Stud Gun - Earth Bond Tool M6 & M8" from JLR Loan Tool Program

March 4 : Kelsey borrowed "Popoids" from Finger Lakes Toy Library

March 4 : Ron borrowed "Trio Building Set" from Finger Lakes Toy Library