Track your audio visual equipment

Cameras, video equipment, AV gear and more.

Lend Engine is powerful, easy to use web based software for managing camera and electronic equipment, customers, members, rentals and loans. Track item serial numbers, instructions and manuals, and handle repairs and maintenance.

Build a rich, useful equipment database.

Lend Engine lets you store all the information you need about your equipment, including uploaded file attachments for manuals or instructions and custom fields to extend the platform even further.

It's all easy to set up and easy to access, and you can export all your data at any time.

Manage bookings any time, anywhere.

Keep track of who has your equipment when it's on loan, and when it's due back. Hourly, daily or weekly loans are easy to create and update using the calendar - even from a smartphone.

Borrowers are kept up to date with customisable emails, including automated reminders and overdue notices.

Self-serve reservations save you time.

Let your customers or members see what's available, and what's out on loan. They can place reservations (for an optional fee) and manage their payments. If you want, you can make the site for registered users only. It's all configurable.

Specific items, or inventory levels.

Track assets and equipment individually with serial numbers and unique items, or lots of similar items that have inventory levels. Stay on top of your asset conditions with customisable options.

Repairs and maintenance made easy.

If equipment needs to be taken offline for a while, perhaps for repair or maintenance, simply move it to a reserved (non borrowable) location and assign it to a team member. Add notes, and costs to track how much items are costing you to maintain.

Multi site, multi location.

Do you have multiple locations? No problem. Lend Engine lets you track your equipment across multiple sites (physical addresses) as well as multiple locations within those sites. Locations can be set as not available, to reserve inventory that's being repaired, checked, or otherwise not ready for borrowing.

Booking calendars support pickup and return from and to any of your physical locations. Customer/member email notifications make it clear which sites the items are to be returned to.

Items can be restricted to only certain sites as well, if you need.

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