For tool libraries

The Lend Engine is a web based admin system for running Tool Libraries. Use it to track your tools, members, memberships, loans, payments, fees and costs.

Software for lending tools

Who has this tool? Where is it? When is it due back? Is it ready to lend? What is it costing to repair and clean? With the Lend Engine, it’s easy to get the answers to these questions. Track tool locations, note history, assign to team members, see the repair queue, and use barcodes to make check in and check out quick and simple.

Your Tool Database Online

You can store everything you need to know about your tools in the online database - accessible by anyone in your team, from anywhere. Upload photos or attach files (perhaps safety procedures), and add custom fields which you can use to report on later.

Manage Members and Memberships

You can create as many membership types as you need, each with a fee and a duration. Contacts can only borrow items if they have an active membership. Members are sent an email a week before their membership is due to expire, to save you having to chase up. Amongst many other things, member reports let you see which members haven’t renewed.

Help with managing Loans

Which tools are out on loan, and when are they due back? Which members do we need to send overdue reminders to? The Lend Engine helps you answer these questions and more. With automated loan reminders via email and SMS, it also saves you time and helps your tool library share your tools in the most efficient way.

Payments and Accounting

The Lend Engine tracks fees, fines, payments and also any costs you incur with repairing or cleaning items. When you lend a tool, you can charge a one-off loan fee or a daily fee. Members can pay at the time of borrowing or your can put the fee on account. The payment/fee reports show you how much you have taken or charged, and can be filtered by payment method, date, member custom fields … and more.

Cleaning and Repairing

Between loans maybe you’ll be cleaning or repairing tools. When a member returns a tool you choose which location it is checked in to. Set up a reserved location called “repair” which would show the item as “not available” until it was moved back into an available location. Additionally, you can assign the tool to a team member. They get an email to let them know some work is due. Each of these movements can be given a cost, and you can add notes to get a complete, detailed tool history.

Public Website / Online Tool Listing

Included with every Lend Engine account is a public website. This shows members (and potential members!) the tools you have, and whether they are available. The site can run stand-alone, or the tool listing and search can be embedded within your main tool library website.

Web Based Admin for your Tool Library

Access the Lend Engine online with a web browser, any time, from anywhere. Use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. There’s nothing to download or install, which means you can log on wherever you happen to be. Your data is stored securely online, so you don’t have to worry about backups - we handle that all for you.

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Latest borrows from Lend Engine libraries ...

March 6 : Remy borrowed "Hanababy stretchy - khaki - shorty" from South Essex Slings

March 6 : Sara borrowed "High chair" from Shepshed Toy Library

March 6 : Darren borrowed "49588403248A - Camera Target BT-50 (TF)" from Mazda Loan Tool Program

March 6 : Stephen borrowed "Stud Gun - Earth Bond Tool M6 & M8" from JLR Loan Tool Program

March 4 : Kelsey borrowed "Popoids" from Finger Lakes Toy Library

March 4 : Ron borrowed "Trio Building Set" from Finger Lakes Toy Library