100% for the planet.
All our profit is directed towards minimising climate change.

We started Lend Engine to help more organisations lend more items, with the goal of more people borrowing things. Fewer people buying new things means less resources wasted in over-consumption, and less waste.

We're now taking that a step further, by directing all of our profits towards initiatives that combat climate change.

Human-generated carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the biggest contribution to the warming of our planet. CO2 emissions come from a range of activities; the main one being fossil fuel combustion (62% of greenhouse gas emissions each year). 11% of our greenhouse gas emissions stem from carbon dioxide released from land use, especially deforestation.

We've chosen to fund organisations that tackle the primary causes:

- Reducing emissions
- Increasing the number of trees that can soak up the excess carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

Rainforest foundation

The Rainforest Foundation is a non-profit organisation which tackles deforestation both locally and globally. They help forest communities to gain land rights, challenge logging companies, manage their forests and protect their environment. They campaign to influence national and international laws to protect rainforests and their inhabitants.

https://www.rainforestfoundation.org https://www.rainforestfoundationuk.org https://www.regnskog.no

Clean Cooking Alliance

Globally, three billion people depend on polluting, open fires and inefficient fuels to cook their food. In sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, the lack of access to clean cooking is especially acute, with a third of the urban population and the vast majority of the rural poor using cooking fuels like wood, charcoal, coal, and kerosene. As well as polluting the air, wood is being harvested for fuel. The Clean Cooking Alliance works to provide clean alternatives.


We don't take salaries - all development and support is volunteered at no cost.
We don't waste money on advertising or marketing. We're growing organically. Can you help?
We don't have any loans or depend on any finance.

From our revenue, we pay for hosting and database management, server monitoring, outbound email, and ongoing platform development.

Everything else goes to the organisations above.

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