Lend or rent your sports equipment

Ideal for hostels, shops, activity centres, sports centres

The Lend Engine is a web based software system which helps you keep track of equipment you lend to staff, members or guests. Straightforward, functional and easy to use.

Sports Equipment Tracking Software

If you lend kit out, then you need to know who has it, where it is, and when it's due back.

Easy for your team to use - check items in or out in seconds.

Powerful for you - report on pretty much anything.

Manage repairs, cleaning and costs

Assign items to team members for repair or cleaning - notifications are automatically sent by email or SMS. Track item locations, and create reserved locations for items under repair or due to be checked before re-lending. Add notes and costs - all tracked in a clear, easy to access online database.

Store information online

The Lend Engine lets you store data about your sports equipment in an easy to access format, so that your team, your guests and your members have all the information they need. Use custom fields, upload photos, record serial numbers and more.

Charge fees, take payments and track accounts

If you need, you can charge loan fees, daily fees and apply fines. Manage guest/member account balances, and produce useful reports to show you how the lending side of your business is going.

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