Be part of the lending revolution : join our team

We're growing our team, and looking for people who are passionate about sustainability, specifically in the area of lending libraries, libraries of things and the "borrow, don't buy" concept. We are a not-for-profit organisation and currently don't have budget for paid roles; however paid positions are on our longer term plan.

If can spare a few hours a week, and you'd like to help more libraries discover and get going on Lend Engine, then send us an email with your CV.

We're looking for people who can fill the following roles:

SEO and search optimisation

To help more libraries, they need to know about us. Web search is a big component in our drive for more awareness. We need to design a strategy, and then execute on it. Your role would be to assess our current position, recommend improvements, make those improvements, and keep improving things!

Funding applications

There are grants and funds available to help organisations who are committed to a sustainable future. Your job would be to hunt these down and write applications. Income from the software platform keeps the Lend Engine technology running, with some spare for our 100% for the planet policy... but doesn't yet cover staffing costs. If you can secure funding, this could be a paid role.

Community and partnership building

Regardless of whether a lending library uses Lend Engine, we'd love to talk to them and get them talking with other libraries. The sector is still young, and there's so much we can all learn from each other. The community builder role will involve searching for libraries of things, toy libraries, tool libraries and so on, inviting them to join our Facebook group and sign up for our newsletter.

There are lots of other organisations with a similar set of goals as ours. Repair caf├ęs, Community hubs, Brands, Manufacturers, Retailers, Sharing networks, Transition towns. And plenty more. Your role could include getting in touch with anyone you think we could work with to get more people borrowing, and less people buying and throwing away.

You could arrange webinars, online meetups, write newsletters, contribute to other organisations' newsletters ... there's a lot of potential to get really creative.

Design and branding

This is a nice, simple short-term project. We'd like a new logo and branding. Send us your ideas! Or if you know a designer that would like to get contribute some time to a good cause, please share this page with them.

Library liaison

Hundreds of libraries use Lend Engine to run their day to day operations. Because the platform is so easy to use, most of them have got up and running without any help from us at HQ - but as a result may be missing out on some features, or spending time on things that perhaps could be done in a more efficient way. Library liaison will involve online meetings with libraries that use Lend Engine, to help them use the platform better.

It will also involve getting in touch with libraries just starting out with the Lend Engine, to help them learn about the features they might want, to help them configure the platform, and to ensure they get the most from it.

There is potential for multiple people in this role; so we can cover all time zones.

Training and documentation

The Lend Engine is pretty easy to use, but we still need to help new users learn the ropes. We have a comprehensive user guide that needs constantly updating, and we would like to launch a series of tutorial videos too.

Latest borrows from Lend Engine libraries ...

March 6 : Remy borrowed "Hanababy stretchy - khaki - shorty" from South Essex Slings

March 6 : Sara borrowed "High chair" from Shepshed Toy Library

March 6 : Darren borrowed "49588403248A - Camera Target BT-50 (TF)" from Mazda Loan Tool Program

March 6 : Stephen borrowed "Stud Gun - Earth Bond Tool M6 & M8" from JLR Loan Tool Program

March 4 : Kelsey borrowed "Popoids" from Finger Lakes Toy Library

March 4 : Ron borrowed "Trio Building Set" from Finger Lakes Toy Library