Free data migration for users upgrading from miBase

If you're using miBase for your toy library and outgrowing its capabilities, or want a more modern platform that helps your members self serve better, as well as saving your volunteers time, then why not take a trial of the Lend Engine?

Free data load

We'll load your items and members into Lend Engine for FREE if you decide to move from miBase, even onto our free plan.

It's easy

Lend Engine is 100% online with no hosting complications; just sign up for your own account and start loading items and members.

It's cost effective

We have a pay plan that's free forever, which many libraries manage fine with. If your library is larger, then our plans aren't expensive - and we can do special offers for non-profits.

Supercharge your toy library:

Migrate to Lend Engine - a modern software platform for modern toy libraries.

Latest borrows from Lend Engine libraries ...

March 6 : Remy borrowed "Hanababy stretchy - khaki - shorty" from South Essex Slings

March 6 : Sara borrowed "High chair" from Shepshed Toy Library

March 6 : Darren borrowed "49588403248A - Camera Target BT-50 (TF)" from Mazda Loan Tool Program

March 6 : Stephen borrowed "Stud Gun - Earth Bond Tool M6 & M8" from JLR Loan Tool Program

March 4 : Kelsey borrowed "Popoids" from Finger Lakes Toy Library

March 4 : Ron borrowed "Trio Building Set" from Finger Lakes Toy Library